Share your time in support of the Louisa Arts Center! We couldn’t execute our mission as we do without the support of our many volunteers! There is a space for every interest and skill level. Your time is well spent as you come alongside us to Enrich, Enhance and Inspire from our center in Louisa, Virginia! Aren’t an expert? Don’t worry! Our Volunteer Coordinator provides orientation for our volunteers in advance of each season and any skills training needed for more specific jobs based on what you are interested in doing and learning!


Set Construction

Art Class Assistant

Concession Sales

Exhibit Installations

Exhibit Retirement

Merchandise Sales

Promotional Events

Rehearsal Assistant

Set & Prop Procurement

Stage Hands

Technical Crew

Theatre Asset Attendant

Ticket Takers


Please contact us by email at louisaartscentervolunteers@gmail.com with your interest!!!


The Louisa Arts Center has a place for our area students to receive practical experience in a business environment to take with them in their pursuit of higher education or the workforce. Contact our Programming Director at 540-967-2200 for more information.

Volunteers Are The Heart & Soul!

Each year, our beloved volunteers provide strength in support of our mission – they give us power to Brighten Your Life! Our team of devoted volunteers has grown in skills and strength. Committed, hardworking supporters, before, during and post production. We have our volunteers to thank for the excellence in every performance, every gallery opening, every event.


It’s because of our volunteers that we are a success.