Genre Studies Workshop & Showcase

On October 28 my wife, Mary-Frances and I had the honor to attend a youth theatre performance “Genre Studies Showcase” at the Louisa Arts Center. What an amazing performance!! As said in the advertising for the showcase “A production unlike anything that has crossed the Louisa Arts Center Stage.” How true!!
These young students in a short period of rehearsal time put together an outstanding show looking at different decades of styles using movement, clothing, make-up, music, scenery and video to take the audience through different years of history.
The idea for this creative production goes to the director Eleanor Drew Perkinson. Her creativity and enthusiasm definitely rubbed off on the cast. I was told that the cast did not want to miss any of the rehearsals. That speaks volumes for the director.
The show was about an hour long and during that time these performers were enthusiastic and very focused on the many different characters they had to play.
After the show, the cast gathered in the Purcell Art Gallery to talk to their parents, friends and pose for pictures. This was an amazing opportunity for the students of Louisa County.
LaVahn Hoh
Professor Emeritus, UVA Department of Drama



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