The Skip Castro Band

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It began a long time ago. 1978 to be exact. Four musicians, out of work at the same time got together because honestly, they liked to play music. Thus, the Skip Castro Band was born. A mutual love of rhythm ‘n blues, swing, boogie woogie and rock ‘n roll became the foundation. Over the next ten years, Skip Castro would become staples on the East Coast between Boston and Atlanta playing every bar, club, music hall, and college in between. All the while having a great time.

Fast forward 40 years and the same four guys are still playing together. With Danny Beirne (Vocals/Keyboards), Charlie Pastorfield (Vocals/Bass), Corky Schoonover (Drums) and Bo Randall (Vocals/Guitar) it’s no wonder this group has been labeled as “One of the best party bands ever.” Skip Castro brings the party every time they take the stage.

Performance begins at 7:30pm.

This event has been made possible by our generous sponsors Eric and Jennifer Purcell, and the Lake Anna Business Partnership.