Artwork shown: Painter of the West – Les Camphuysen and Hal Davis


Opening Reception: Friday, August 3, 2018 6:00pm – 8:00 pm

Exhibit Dates: August 3 – September 21, 2018


Les Camphuysen



“Les’s depiction of the Southwest, through his art, shows his respect and love for the “Four Corners” area of the Unites States where he was born and raised. His landscape paintings of New Mexico, Utah, Arizona and Colorado, as well as Wyoming and Idaho, are reminiscent of the impressions made upon him through this youth and early adulthood. His sketching of horses, as a ten-year old, and then cars as a teen, was encouraged by his family, especially his grandmother who encouraged his emerging talent. His first encounter with oil paint was from a paint-by-number set which he received for Christmas at a very young age. In college, instruction through art classes and encouragement from a local artist helped him in his pursuit and desire to become a landscape artist. Mostly self-taught, Les’s drive to improve and perfect his art is evident through his many stages of advancement in the last 46 years or so. Les is every observant of his surroundings, looking for color and scenes that might someday appear in one of his compositions.”

Hal Davis


“Hal Davis is a Virginia painter living and working at Lake Louisa. He focuses on paintings that reflect local Americana, past and present. Major themes include nearby historic buildings and scenes, the natural world around us, and personal reminiscences. He explores these themes in carefully detailed paintings reflecting our lovely countryside, the beautiful architecture here and the deep sense of history surrounding us. His goal as an artists is to create works about the world around us, stirring emotion, telling stories and showcasing Virginia. His favorite media are acrylic, water color, pencil and pen. He has exhibited his work in Midwestern and Virginia venues, and is excited to return to the Purcell Gallery.”