Watercolor 4-hour workshop 🗓

Watercolor Workshop 

Instructor: Barbara Powderly

Register here.


Date: May 4, 2019

Time: 1pm – 5pm

Cost: $40 (Just $10 pre hour for professional instruction!)


About the Artist: 

From watercolor to photography and from graphic design to illustration, Barbara Powderly loves all things visual.  As a formally trained artist, Barbara pursues her inspirations through different mediums to achieve her desired effects. Barbara’s current focus is in watercolor, where she explores the immediacy and spontaneity of the paint to achieve serendipitous results. Her primary themes include humble and natural settings articulated through light, shadow, reflection, and refraction.

Barbara has diverse experience in the arts including graphic design, illustration, and marketing in varying settings. She was a professor in the art and design department at Monmouth University.

Barbara recently returned to doing freelance work, which affords her the flexibility to focus her time to exhibit, travel, teach and develop her craft. Her work has been exhibited at the Louisa County Arts Center, Monmouth University, The Guild of Creative Art and the Society of Illustrators.

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