Renee Ruth Music 🗓

Close up of Renee Ruth

According to local singer/songwriter Renee Ruth, ‘Music comes from the heart.’, and performing for her being able to share a part of the soul! ‘Musicianship is to create something meaningful and qualitative; to leave the listener with something more than they had before. It’s one thing to talk about life and the things you’ve experienced in any given day, it’s a whole other to take those experiences and put it to lyrical composition, melodic arrangement, and turn it into art.’
Renee Ruth will be performing LIVE at the Louisa Arts Center Jan. 27th,2018 at 7:00 pm. along with fellow local musicians Fred Jackson and Mathew Billings.Tickets are only $10 for general seating admission!

The Renee Ruth band will delight audiences with original songs, performed with a live band, as well as her take on classic covers! Join Renee at the end of this month for a chance to hear the music, the stories behind them and the chance to take this musical journey together! “

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