I Never Sang for My Father 🗓

I Never Sang For My Father

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This is Robert Anderson’s story of Gene, a widower, with an elderly mother whom he loves and an eighty-year-old father, whom he has never loved, hard as he tried. The father has been mayor of a small town in Westchester County, self-made and highly respected. Beneath these trappings, however, he is a mean, unloving and ungenerous man, who has driven his daughter away because of her marriage “out of the faith” and has alienated his son through his possessiveness, his selfishness and his endless reminiscences. “This moving and perceptive work, by one of our most distinguished playwrights, probes into the disquieting alienation that can exist between father and son—and which time and old age can only deepen—despite the best intentions of both. “…written with skill, insight and feeling…” —NY Post. “…a playwright of deep compassion” —NY


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