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Our Mission

Enrich, Enhance, Inspire

The mission of the Louisa Arts Center is to stimulate awareness and appreciation of the arts through changing visual art exhibitions, lectures, studio classes, workshops, concerts and theater performances to entertain and enlighten; while strengthening diversity, interpretive ability and interactive creativity for both youth and adults. The aim is to broaden audience involvement and access, and to improve the livelihood of artists and their opportunity to contribute to the community.

Principles and Goals

Artistic Quality

The Louisa Arts Center endeavors to support and stimulate excellence in the arts. Artistic quality is the first consideration in the decision in booking performances, obtaining art instructors and installing gallery exhibits.

Access to the Arts

The Louisa Arts Center works to ensure that high quality works of visual and performance art are accessible to all residents regardless of race, age, gender, income, disability, geographic isolation, or social barrier.

The Louisa Arts Center considers the needs of special populations, such as older adults, individuals with disabilities, and the institutionalized, when planning their programs.

Cultural Diversity

The Louisa Arts Center believes that it is through the arts that we celebrate the diverse cultures of the world.

The Louisa Arts Center supports artists and arts activities involved in the creation and presentation of projects that preserve and celebrate the diverse cultures in our community.

Assistance to Individual Artists

The Louisa Arts Center believes in assisting the artist today by providing a venue for performances and for the sale of works of art as an investment in the cultural heritage and economic development in the community. The intention is to develop a broad interest in and demand for new art in the community by assisting in the purchase, commissioning, presentation, and distribution of work by local and regional artists of all disciplines.

Arts Education and Advocacy

The Louisa Arts Center believes that study of the arts should be a part of the education of every one. The thinking skills required to interpret art lead to improved academic performance in all subjects for students and are helpful in learning other disciplines. The Louisa Arts Center will provide art courses for students to develop skills in viewing and creating art; develop critical-thinking and analytical skills, and gain confidence in their abilities. Our goal is to provide outlets for creativity, stimulating and inspiring individual expression. Art education courses are for all ages and levels of experience.

The Louisa Arts Center promotes the exhibition of art in public places and will work toward displaying art in parks, along roadways, in government buildings and other public buildings and grounds.


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