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Economic Impact

In Virginia, arts and culture is a billion dollar industry.

As the centerpiece of Louisa's downtown revitalization and renewal efforts, the restoration and reuse of a local landmark, the former Louisa High School, the Community Arts Center will achieve a wide range of direct and indirect economic goals.

A study performed by Virginians for the Arts describes the economic impact of arts and cultural organizations in Virginia.

Arts and cultural organizations in Virginia annually generate:

  • $849 million in revenues for Virginia businesses and
  • $342 million in revenues for Virginia tourism businesses through spending by out-of-state visitors to the arts and cultural organizations.

As a result of the business revenues created by Virginia arts and cultural organizations, the state’s economy benefits from:

  • $447 million in value-added income (mainly personal income) for Virginia’s workforce and entrepreneurs;
  • $307 million in annual labor compensation for Virginia’s workforce;
  • 18,850 full and part-time jobs.

Virginia’s arts and cultural organizations also:

  • host nearly 30 million patrons each year;
  • attract out-of-state visitors (37% of paid admissions to arts and cultural organizations live outside Virginia);
  • supplement their budgets with an estimated $62 million in grant income annually;
  • raise an estimated $74 million in contributions annually;
  • organize 1.4 million hours of volunteer time to improve the quality of life for all Virginians.

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