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The Arts Center is part of the New Town Hall complex.

Located approximately two blocks northeast of the center of town at the corner of Fredericksburg Avenue and School Street, the property is seen not only as a center for government, cultural and recreational activities but as a catalyst for change and revitalization of the town. Under the auspices of the Louisa Downtown Development Corporation, Inc., a non profit 501 c 3 organization, the Louisa Arts Center is being developed from the restoration and expansion of the school's original theater/ auditorium, two former classrooms and 1600 square feet of new construction.


The Cooke-Haley Theater

Named by major donor, The Cooke Foundation, the 200-seat theater (the school's auditorium) has been restored and updated with the latest technology for live performances and cinema. The purpose is to provide space for local and visiting artists to kindle the imagination. It will serve as a place where the community can meet for artistic, creative, educational, and entertainment endeavors. The Cooke-Haley Theater is dedicated to the promotion of diversity and cooperation among area arts, tourism, education, and entertainment related agencies and events. The 3500 square foot area includes two dressing rooms, a stage, a storage room, and a meeting room. The theater is available for rent.

The Purcell Gallery

The Purcell Gallery, named in honor of the parents of major donors, John Jerl Purcell and Harold Purcell is 1600 square feet of new construction to the North side of the school building. This well-lit open space serves as the main entrance to the theater, town business offices, and conference room. Local artists display their work here in juried shows and guests can wait during performance intermission in the Cooke-Haley Theater. This important space offers the visitor the first impression of the building and creates a convenient entryway to all the building functions. A nearby modern catering kitchen may be used for catering events in the theater as well as by the community. The Gallery is available for rent.

Town Hall Corporate Meeting Room

The Town Hall Corporate Meeting Room will serve the needs of residents, businesses and town officials alike. The corporate meeting room, approximately 1600 square feet of flexible use, will accommodate up to 75 people. It is available to the public for meetings, seminars, lectures and events. This room has been restored to a modern, bright and spacious meeting room, while maintaining the look and feel of its former life as a classroom. The name and logo of lead corporate donors will be permanently placed in the Corporate Meeting Room.

Art Education Center

The Art Education Center on the second floor, consists of two spacious former classrooms. Art classes and special workshops are provided for all ages in different art mediums by regional teachers. The classrooms of the Art Education Center are available for rent.

Executive Conference Room

The executive meeting space next to the Corporate Meeting Room/Town Council Chambers 240 square feet and is designed for small group discussions, staff meetings, etc. This airy meeting space with large windows may serve as a small conference space or classroom for up to 20 people.

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