Toast to Art: (Moderate/Advanced)

Subject: Hydrangeas (Moderate/Advanced Level)

Artist: Lin Kogle

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Socialize and raise a glass to celebrate the unique artist within. Toast To Art provides all the tools and guidance to create a masterpiece all your own. No painting experience required! Only bring your fun-loving self.

Reserve your easel online or Call the Box Office (T – F; 12 – 4pm).

Date: Thursday, September 27th

Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Location: Louisa Arts Center (212 Fredericksburg Ave. Louisa, VA 23093)

Cost: $30 per person (price includes a pair of stemmed wine glasses, art supplies and beer, wine or soft drinks)

[Call in advance to inquire about walk-in availability for specific events]


About the Artist:

A self-taught artist, Lin Kogle has been a decorative painter since 2000. She credits her daughter, Michelle, with her love for painting glassware. “Michelle was getting married right after I retired from the corporate world. She asked me to paint some wine glasses for her bridesmaids. I had never painted before then, but I reluctantly agreed to create some simple floral designed goblets for her. Everyone loved them, so a new craft hobby developed.”

After that time, Lin bought a few painting books and a video and began practicing certain paint strokes and designs. She decided to make it a small business, selling her works at local craft shows, gift shops and wineries. Classy Glass was born!  She still primarily paints on glass, but also does work on wood, slate, and even walls.

Additional Information: 

**Toast to Art classes must have 3 people signed up for the class to proceed.  If 5 days before the scheduled date, the class has less than 3, you will be contacted by email to inform you of the possibility that the class may be canceled.

If the class does not have 3 people, the last business day before the class, you will be notified of the class cancellation.