Peg Sheridan & Julia Lesnichy 🗓


Peg Sheridan & Julia Lesnichy

Artwork shown: Spring in Crozet by Julia Lesnichy

Opening Reception: March 23rd,  6 – 8 pm

About the Artists:

Peg Sheridan

“I started drawing and painting when I was a little girl.  My Mom was a painter, and I have a distinct memory of sitting next to her and painting while she painted when I was about five. I started my own business, Inspirations in 1997.  I had resigned from a job as a Wildlife Biologist to stay home with my three children, who were all young.  I began to paint and teach from home, and loved it.  I now paint in watercolors mostly.  I sell my work, and also do commissions.  I also teach painting and craft classes to adults and children.  I am a lucky person– I love what I do!  I can’t wait to get up in the morning and start the day.”

Julia Lesnichy


Vivid colors, impasto technique and dynamic compositions allow Julia to create paintings filled with light, color and atmospheric perspective. The sense of place and the quality of atmosphere are the attributes of her works, which evoke concepts of beauty and human experiences.

Whatever subject Julia Lesnichy investigates she often finds herself inspired by fast changing light and color in nature. She is captivated by the colors shes sees depending on the time of the day and season and resorts to oils and pastels to capture these fleeting moments. She often finishes her plein air paintings in her studio in Crozet, which is located in the quiet rural area in Virginia. Julia says that she literally lives in the woods, among the trees, with the tree tops hovering above the house. These trees have always served as a great resource of inspiration when they turn scarlet, bright yellow and glowing orange in the fall.


The exhibit is free and open to the public Tuesdays – Fridays from 12 -4, and Saturdays 10-2 pm.

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